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Starter & Entrée
Warmed mixed olives, aged balsamic, olive oil, daily bread 15.0
Roma tomato, Spanish onion, bocconcini bruschetta 16.0
Salumi plate – San Daniele prosciutto, local salami, grilled artichoke, baked ricotta, crumbed mushrooms 32.0
Shallow fried calamari, rocket, garlic aioli 23.0
King prawns, fried roman gnocchi, petite salad 28.0
Beef carpaccio, burrata, caramelised persimmons, amaretti crumb 26.0
Moreton Bay bug and braised fennel risotto 29.0 / 39.5
Wild mushroom and buffalo ricotta ravioli, brown butter, braised leek, hazelnut 24.0 / 34.0
Daily soup 16.0

Salad & Sandwich (Lunch Only)
Panzanella salad – grilled chicken, ciabatta, roast capsicum, salad greens, olives and tomato 21.0
Smoked salmon salad, fresh asparagus, avocado, capers and Spanish onion 22.0
Fried calamari salad, avocado, rocket and citrus sauce vierge 23.0
Grilled chicken sandwich, bacon, avocado, salad greens, mayonnaise and fries 18.5
Steak sandwich, roast tomato, caramelised onions, Swiss cheese, salad greens and fries 18.5

Homemade tagliatelle, scallops, prawns, bay bug, calamari and crab, cherry tomato, white wine 39.9
Homemade pappardelle, chicken and pork ragú, reggiano 36.0
Homemade spaghetti, fried eggplant, cherry tomato, basil, sheep milk ricotta 33.0
Potato gnocchi, diced king prawns, asparagus spears, confit tomato, vermouth sauce 38.0
Homemade fusilli, bianco rabbit ragú, broad beans 37.0
Pan roasted daily fish, roasted baby fennel, tarragon veloúte 39.9
350gm veal cutlet cotoletta, apple and kohlrabi slaw 44.0
Seared breast and roasted leg of duck, mixed wild grains, grilled baby zucchini candied olives 42.0
120-day grain fed eye fillet, porcini and potato gratin, balsamic braised radicchio 41.0

Caprese salad – tomato, buffalo mozzarella, basil 16.0
Rocket, radicchio, pear, red onion, shaved fennel salad 12.0
Sautéed mixed greens 12.0
Rosemary roasted kipfler potatoes 12.0

Dessert & Cheese
Banana tarte tartin, Kracken rum caramel, rum and raisin ice cream ( allow 20 minutes ) 16.0
Vine’s Tiramisu – homemade savoiardi, Italian liqueurs, espresso, vanilla mascarpone cream 16.0
Brioche bread and butter pudding, chocolate, vanilla bean anglaise 16.0
Flourless orange and almond torte, salted vanilla ice cream 16.0
Frangelico affogato – vanilla bean ice cream, espresso, frangelico 16.0
Espresso martini 18.5
Italian hot chocolate 10.0

with honey comb, poached pear, fresh dates, muscatels and assorted crostini
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18.0 | 26.0 | 34.0 | 42.0

Will Studd Le Dauphin Double Crème: Rhone Valley, France. Cow’s Milk
An unusual hexagon shaped cheese made from cow’s milk collected from the rich pastures surrounding the Rhone Valley. Stored in a unique wooden box helps the white mould develop into an exceptionally soft, silky creamy cheese.

Charlton’s Choice Buffalo Blue: Milawa, VIC. Buffalo Milk
This cheese has a relatively mild blue taste, a long creamy finish and a unique lactic flavour from the very fresh buffalo milk

Cypress Grove Midnight Moon: Holland. Goat’s Milk
Ages for six months Midnight moon is a blushing, ivory-coloured cheese that is nutty brown buttery up front with a long caramel finish.

1655 Aeschlenberg Gruyere AOP: Canton Fribourg, Switzerland. Cow’s Milk
This semi-hard cheese is marked by a fresh cream blast, a bright fruity flavour and a deep, structured nuttiness. Intense floral and mineral flavours combine with earthy aromas and a dense compact texture